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Organismal and Environmental Biology at CNU


ENVS510: Biometry, Fall Semester

This course is designed to develop students' skills in experimental design, sampling, and statistical analysis in Organismal and Environmental Biology. Students will gain experience 1) applying statistical tests to real biological datasets in a widely-used software program R, 2) identifying appropriate test(s) for a given set of data, and 3) evaluating the scientific merit of published literature.


BIOL495/495L: Community Ecology and Lab, Spring Semester

Study of the interactions among species that contribute to the structure and function of ecological communities and patterns of species coexistence, diversity, and evolution. Emphasis is placed on critical interpretation of recent and historical literature and schools of thought. Emphasis in lab is placed on application of lecture concepts, experimental design, and learning common methods in the field and lab to address community-level questions.


BIOL440/440L: Herpetology and Lab, Spring Semester

Study of amphibians and reptiles, with focus on their evolutionary history, taxonomy, ecology, and physiology. Emphasis in lab is placed on species identification and research experience via weekly field and lab-based projects, and participation in ongoing local research on snakes, lizards, and salamanders.